“I believe the ESC is an indispensable asset for the Roaring Fork Valley nonprofit community.”
— Robert Musser, Board Treasurer, The Right Door



The challenges currently facing nonprofits, locally, regionally, and nationally, are myriad and daunting: How to build an active and strategically oriented board of directors? How to develop effective marketing programs to recruit and retain donors? How to measure and evaluate operations and programs? How to attract, develop, and retain productive staff and volunteers? How to implement constructive alliances and partnerships? How to manage ourselves as efficiently as possible so that the maximum amounts of our funds and energies are devoted to the causes about which we are passionate?

The Executive Service Corps (ESC) is a nonprofit that helps nonprofits understand and embrace the skills and processes essential to effectively address all of these important challenges.

ESC Aspen serves nonprofits and public agencies throughout the Roaring Fork Valley near Aspen, Colorado.  The Corps consists of more than 30 experienced, high-level volunteer consultants from both corporate and nonprofit sectors working with local groups to improve organizational structure, fundraising, marketing, and financial reporting and to assist in longer-term strategic planning, board development, and impact analysis.  Please refer to the Consulting Services section for details on how we can help.